3rd Annual Co-Occurring Disorders Institute: Complexities of Trauma

Conference: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Trauma as a Public Health Crisis and Implications for Human Services

Ann Jennings, PhD

This video is of a keynote address by Ann Jennings, PhD, at the 3rd Annual Co-Occurring Disorders Institute: Complexities of Trauma. The video was filmed on Thursday, June 9, 2011, at the University of Maine at Augusta.

Dr. Jennings has been involved in raising public awareness and influencing fundamental change in how service systems view and treat people with histories of unaddressed childhood trauma for over 27 years. Personal experience underscores her conviction that prevention of and early intervention in childhood trauma are core to reducing human tragedy and creating compassionate and effective human services.

As Director of the State of Maine’s Office of Trauma Services for eight years, she initiated projects bringing trauma-informed trainings and services to numerous agencies throughout the state. She consults nationally, is a keynote speaker and presenter at national and state conferences, and has authored numerous published articles and documents. Dr. Jennings is founder and Executive Director of The Anna Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to speaking truth about childhood trauma and providing resources for professional, community, and survivor use. For more information, visit The Anna Institute.