The Assessment and Management of Suicide Risk: The Basics

Conference: 2012 Beyond the Basics in Suicide Prevention — Creating Partnerships: Taking a Collaborative Approach to Advancing Suicide Prevention

Friday, Apr 06, 2012
Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine Workshop/Presentation: A2. The Assessment and Management of Suicide Risk: The Basics
M. David Rudd, PhD, ABPP

This workshop will provide an empirically derived approach for the assessment and immediate clinical management of suicide risk. Over the last several years, there has been an emerging agreement about what are the core clinical competencies in suicide risk assessment and management, regardless of setting. The workshop will provide a framework for suicide risk assessment grounded in a clear identification and articulation of these core clinical competencies. The workshop will cover the full spectrum of issues including but focus on providing a clear theoretical model for understanding suicidal ideation and behavior, an empirically grounded assessment framework that integrates the essential core clinical core competencies and markers of imminent risk, a review and illustration of related clinical skills (e.g. how to talk to someone who is suicidal or the “suicide-specific inquiry”), a critical look at the utility of “no-suicide” contracts in clinical practice, and risk formulation using actual cases. Liability and ethical issues in clinical suicidology will also be discussed throughout the presentation. The primary goal of this workshop is to provide the participant with the essential tools needed to accurately assess suicide risk and manage challenging scenarios in effective fashion. Clinical demonstrations and case examples will be utilized.