Working Together: Law Enforcement and Mental Health/Crisis Services

Conference: 2014 Beyond the Basics in Suicide Prevention — Broadening the View • Extending the Reach

Friday, Mar 14, 2014
Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine Workshop/Presentation: A3: Working Together: Law Enforcement and Mental Health/Crisis Services
MODERATOR: Steve Addario, LCSW | PANELISTS: Officer Christopher Guay, Tara Mitchell, BSW, MHRT CSP, Lt. Janine Roberts, Robert Rocket, LCSW, Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey

This timely discussion will highlight effective models of collaboration between local law enforcement and the regional crisis teams in their areas. Representatives from the Waterville, Augusta and Portland Police Departments, together with professional crisis workers from Crisis and Counseling (located in Augusta) and The Opportunity Alliance (located in Portland) will explore how each system has learned from each other and improved practices when responding to community crisis needs. These teams will share their experiences and highlight practices that help blend cultural understandings (law enforcement and social service) and ethical and legal requirements of each system. They will share their experiences of what has been working and what are some of the ongoing challenges. Attendees will gain an increased understanding of police and crisis response as well as learn best ways to utilize these services when concerns arise for someone requiring outside intervention. You will also learn about the training programs (CIT — Crisis Intervention Team training) that are used to increase awareness and improve crisis response. There will be time for discussion following the presentations.