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I Will Not Let My Suffering Be Wasted

by Craig Lewis I’ve been dealing with mental health issues for a very long time and I’ve also been in the punk rock scene in Boston and around the world. I’ve been very active over the years. My community was not very supportive of me when I was struggling. I...
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A Suicide Screening Tool for Everyone

Dr. Kelly Posner collaborated with a team of scientists to create the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), a screening tool which a diverse range of communities in the United States have now adopted. She spoke at the Maine Suicide Prevention Program’s conference on March 21, 2013, “Taking Science into...
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The Trevor Project Gives Hope to LGBT Youth

Teen suicide attempts are a serious problem in the LGBT community. Discrimination, threats, homelessness and violence can lead young people to take their lives. Athena Brewer, senior online programs manager at The Trevor Project, spoke at the Taking Science into Practice: Beyond the Basics in Suicide Prevention conference on March...
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