Alliance for Addiction and Mental Health Services, Maine (AAMHS)

The mission of AAMHS (also known as the Alliance) is to represent its membership while advancing mental health and substance use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery oriented systems of care through advocacy, leadership and professional development.

Joni Altshuler, LCSW — The Way Home

Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc. (AMHC)

AMHC services address individual needs, respect the rights of each individual, and encourage ongoing individual and/or family responsibility for health and well-being. This builds a foundation of trust in a therapeutic relationship that is vital to ensuring an optimal outcome. AMHC offers a comprehensive and integrated array of mental health, substance abuse, brain injury health services.

Eva Beauchemin

Sean Bilodeau

Patricia A. Burke, MSW, LCSW, BCD

Patricia A. Burke is a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, a Certified Clinical Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Social Worker and a Certified Clinical Supervisor with over 30 years of experience. Author of Breathe Deeply! Healing Stories for the Soul, Patricia is also a trainer and educator. She maintains a private clinical and consultation practice in Biddeford, Maine.

CAP Quality Care

If you are addicted to heroin or pain medication and want to regain control , contact a CAP clinic near you. Each patient gets the support, medication and structure which are needed for recovery. At CAP clinics, treatment works.

Catholic Charities Children’s Case Management

Licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Children’s Case Management program serves eligible youth from birth to age 20.

Catholic Charities Counseling Services

People with substance abuse, mental illness and/or co-occuring disorders can and do recover. It is the goal of Counseling Services to provide the opportunity and resources to support this goal and maximize the prospects for long-term healthy functioning and quality of life.

Community Heath and Counseling Services (CHCS)

Community Health and Counseling Services is a private non-profit organization that provides community-based home health, hospice and mental health services to adults and children in central, eastern, southern and northern Maine. More than 9,000 people benefit each year from the efforts of professional, support, and management staff of the agency.

Connections for Kids

Connections for Kids focuses on providing children and families with necessary skills-based therapy to help them successfully live happy lives.

Consumer Council System of Maine (CCSM)

The Consumer Council System of Maine (CCSM) represents fellow consumers with an effective, organized voice in shaping public policy and mental health services. CCSM consists entirely of past/present recipients of mental health services (consumers/peers), including all Statewide Consumer Council representatives and paid staff. They lead the way as a well-established cornerstone of a recovery-oriented system of mental health care, moving forward with courage and creativity, directed by an informed, diverse grassroots consumer network.

Linda Coupe

Guy Cousins

Crisis & Counseling Centers, Inc.

Crisis & Counseling Centers (C&C) is a private, nonprofit social service agency licensed by the State of Maine as a mental health and substance abuse treatment facility. Many of C&C’s clinicians are dually trained in mental health and substance abuse treatment, and they also provide treatment for co-occurring disorders.


Crossroads is an addiction treatment and behavioral health treatment center that provides gender-responsive treatment programs that enable clients to recover from addiction in a safe, supportive environment and develop the skills and strategies necessary to support long-term recovery from substance use. Additionally, our addiction treatment programs and dual diagnosis treatment programs address the needs of family members to build healthy families and help everyone deal with the impact of substance use in a constructive way.

Kevin D’Amboise

Deborah Daigle

Day One

Services include training and education, assessment, screening, referrals, and treatment for individuals, groups, families, schools, and communities throughout Maine. A wide range of services is available based on individual needs. Please contact call (207) 874-1045 to find out more.

David DeLuca, LADC, CCS

Dave DeLuca is employed by St Mary’s Health Care System conducting groups and providing counseling. He has worked in a wide variety of settings including corrections, residential and outpatient programs as well area churches to support recovery.

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