2021.03.04 | Connecting with the Natural World | 1:30p.m. to 3p.m.

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Workshop Description
If we know how to make an intimate connection with the natural world, it opens a tremendous resource for
healing ourselves, grounding in the world and sustaining our wellness. In this workshop we will experience
nature directly, through ecopsychological and ecospiritual experiences that help us to shed our usual
human-centered perspective.

About the Presenter
Peter Wohl
I am a person in long-term recovery, a drug and alcohol counselor, a Maine Guide, a Zen Buddhist Priest
and teacher and a lifelong lover of the wild. I have taught Ecopsychology at Burlington College and over
the past 20 years have presented workshops on healing with nature at the Maine Recovery Conference (3
years), the Hope Conference, the Pathways to Recovery Conference in CN, the Addictions Conference in
NH and the Common Ground Fair, among other venues.