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The training is aimed at providing primary care clinicians information to screen for and treat opiate use disorder in their primary care offices.  During this training we will briefly cover available screening tools for opiate use disorder followed by a more thorough discussion of the implementation of treating opiate use disorder in primary care.  We will address barriers to providing this care in the office as well as practical steps that clinicians can implement in their own office to offer these services to their patients. Topics that will be addressed include initiation of medication for opiate use disorder, maintenance therapy, and the role of drug testing. Lastly, we will review resources available to providers to facilitate treatment as well as a brief case study to demonstrate treatment in primary care.


  • Discuss the integration of medication for opioid use disorder in primary care including office workflow and patient confidentiality
  • Discuss the goals of medication for opioid use disorder how to support recovery in primary care
  • Discuss support for providers to use medication for opioid use disorder in primary care to reduce barriers to implementation

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