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Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders: State of the Science and Clinical Practice


Digital therapeutics – software used to prevent, treat, or manage a medical disorder or disease – are redefining the future of healthcare.  Digital therapeutics package an entire model of care – that can be delivered with fidelity and in accordance with state-of-the-science best practices – into a unified, seamless digital delivery system.  Digital therapeutics have been particularly transformative in the field of substance use, mental health and other behavioral health conditions and can markedly improve access to care, quality of care, and treatment outcomes, while reducing costs, for a wide array of audiences in diverse settings.  In this presentation, Dr. Marsch will review the state of the science of digital therapeutics for behavioral health and timely opportunities to scale up access to these digital health tools via multiple paths to deployment around the world.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the clinical impact that science-based digital therapeutics can have.
  2. Understand the utility of digital data capture to assess health behavior and provide personalized digital therapeutics
  3. Understand the confluence of factors increasing demand and opportunities for scaling up access to digital therapeutics for behavioral health

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