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Understanding Chronic Pain

This course will introduce participants to models and concepts used at the Living Life Well Pain Rehabilitation Program at the Pain Center at Northern Light Mercy Hospital in Portland. These models and concepts point to the need for robust, community-wide, and multidisciplinary responses to help our neighbors, friends, and family members suffering with chronic pain....
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Change Attitudes, Change Actions, and Champion Recovery

This course explores the impact of stigma on people in and seeking recovery from substance use disorder, and identifies concrete ways to adopt language and take actions to align with and support the development of recovery-oriented language, recovery-oriented care, and recovery capital in ourselves, our organizations, and our communities....
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Recovery Perspectives

In this web-based course, you will see people with their own experiences of recovery from co-occurring conditions discuss among themselves — and with service providers — the issues that are of most concern to them when they ask for help....
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