Clinicians receive ethical guidance in our work from professional ethics codes, employer or payer requirements, and the law. In the “big picture” of our society, however, struggles between right and wrong affect both our clients and ourselves all the time. It is much less clear how we can resolve these moral dilemmas, if they can be resolved at all. This workshop will present moral injury as a psychosocial phenomenon leading to mental health distress and other harmful effects. Participants will learn to work with moral injury in clients and in their own professional lives.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define moral injury and understand its causes and consequences
  2. Become familiar with existing research on moral injury across contexts
  3. Gain skills to recognize and address moral injury in clients with mental health and/or substance use disorders
  4. Explore sources of moral injury in working as a mental health provider, and learn strategies to address it

Learning Outcome

Learn to work with moral injury in clients and in your own professional life.

How it Works

This course includes a 3-part video presentation by Rosalie Genova, LCPC, LADC, followed by a quiz requiring a passing grade of 80% or higher. After completing the video lessons and quizzes, you will be directed to a course evaluation. Once you have completed the evaluation, you will be able to download a .pdf certificate to get your course credit.


  • Three 30-minute video presentations (90 minutes total)
  • Brief exit quiz, passing quiz with score of at least 80% required
  • Evaluation of the training
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