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Esther Cyr

1. What is it like for you to know that you have taken or might take on the duty and responsibility of vicarious liability as a clinical supervisor? The idea of taking on vicarious liability is very frightening to me. I can guide supervisee’s but have no control over whether the individual will follow through with recommendations or behave ethically towards clients.

2. Describe 3 strategies you have already employed or have thought about employing to manage this sense of responsibility so it doesn’t impact your clinical and supervisory work negatively and/or does impact your work in a positive way?
1. When supervising staff I follow-up at the next supervision on any recommendations or actions taken as a result of the previous supervision. 2. I consult with a consultant when in doubt about recommendations regarding a case. 3. I keep staff informed of new information and give them an opportunity to ask questions.

3. How does your agency support/not support you to manage the legal and ethical responsibility of vicarious liability and how can you advocate for more support if it is lacking? My CEO meets with me regularly and gives me an opportunity to inform her of any dilemma’s or potential dilemma’s either myself or staff may be facing. I keep the CEO updated on any questions about either legal or ethical issues the agency may be subject because of staff issues with clients. The agency has access to legal attorneys and they are consulted when the CEO or myself are unsure. Staff are included in the problem solving process and educated on presenting issue. The agency seeks to educate staff, there are regular and annual trainings to support staff development.