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Matthew Fein

Question 1
What is it like for you to know that you have taken or might take on the duty and responsibility of vicarious liability as a clinical supervisor?
It makes me aware of the accountability I must have in supervising others. It also makes me aware of what I need to find out regarding my role, resources, and how to protect myself.
Question 2
Describe 3 strategies you have already employed or have thought about employing to manage this sense of responsibility so it doesn’t impact your clinical and supervisory work negatively and/or does impact your work in a positive way? It
I have professional liability insurance. It informs how I supervise others, which is already in place. The responsibility of my role is mostly a given considering the ethical framework of the profession. It makes me proactive in seeking out resources within the organization. I’m fairly new to this organization and to a the role of supervising more than master’s students, so this lesson has certainly helped.

Question 3
How does your agency support/not support you to manage the legal and ethical responsibility of vicarious liability and how can you advocate for more support if it is lacking?

I have some liability insurance through the organization. Having already encountered some concerns in the first month of being employed here, I don’t think the organization is as responsive as they could be. I am not sure who the legal counsel is, but I don’t think there should be an intermediary between myself and that person.