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Alan Algee

Question One

Every two years, the leadership uses the “Guide to Trauma-Informed Organizational Development” which is a very well developed grid in which new TIC goals for the agency are developed and detailed accountability is established. This is done in two parts. The first is to assess how the goals in the last two-year cycle were performed. The second is to develop new goals for the new cycle. Goals are never duplicated from cycle to cycle to assure ongoing development (unless one of the previous goals was not developed which, we hope, is rare). This leads to confidence that we really are making progress in TIC.

Question Two

Every year we require all employees to have 4 hours of training in trauma per year (more than that is encouraged). We do not require any specific training (Providers may choose their own topics in trauma). Each provider has a Professional Development Plan which is reviewed with their supervisor. This way Providers and their supervisors can visit their PDP and decide on which counselor competencies would be best to work on. This, we hope, reflects the systematic and on-going model of training rather than specific event training.

Question Three

I would say that Larry really doesn’t need any more training in the 12-step approach. He probably is something of an expert in that model. I would have Larry re-visit Carl Roger’s “Six Core Conditions” which would hopefully give Larry some specific skill sets to really work on. I would emphasize these skill over all of the counselor competencies (which can be over-whelming) and really hone in on developing skills to set those conditions which are essential if there is going to be any movement for his clients.