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Question 2: Developing a therapeutic alliance and person centered counseling are strengths I have – which includes the recognition of the fact that I’m not the right person for all clients. I strive to be genuine with clients and create a safe atmosphere for them to talk about what they need to, which can certainly include trauma. Noticing when expressing a traumatic situation isn’t necessary, for example during an intake or a group session, is also a skill I have – sometimes it’s important to recognize that one client’s presentation of their trauma will be too hard for the group to hear and they can be asked to discuss it individually when they are ready, and not necessarily with me. Working with a team is an ideal way to do clinical work and I rely on other clinicians and our psychologist/psychiatric providers to be there to assist with content when necessary.

I have put off getting trained in specific trauma treatments such as EMDR which I am now regretting as I get older. I would like to be able to offer direct help in the manner that modality does, often. I know it doesn’t work for everyone but I’ve seen it be really helpful for several clients when done at the optimum time.
My self-are has always included taking additional courses I am interested in – I would like to pursue for creative modalities such as drama therapy and art therapy as time, money and distance allow – these are particularly helpful with trauma.