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Janice Black

Question 2
In reviewing TIC competencies and returning to this homework post, I see that my response to question 1 isn nor here…hopefully it was received!!! Technology in spite of the newest and best is not my strong suite!! Regarding question 2…I feel that a strong believe in resiliency and a strengths perspective is an asset and strength. I started my private practice in a medical model…fortunately that has has changed!!! I am slowly becoming a better advocate for my clients. In the past, our work was conducted in the confines of the office during the 50 minutes allowed. Today I have started to do more advocacy in the community. I’ve helped an elderly client secure safer housing. I have another older client who recently had her car taken away due to diminished judgement and reaction. This has significantly reduced her social connections…ie regular trips to Shaw’s, church nail salon etc. I have the number for two transportation agencies I really need to call for her. This is a great reminder!!

Question 3
I don’t dare go back and review the case illustration for fear of losing what I’ve already written. What stood out for me in memory was the lack of adherence to trauma informed practices….looking at history not symptoms!! His shaming of the client was evident as well as the fact the client was a woman could be felt as re-traumaizing as well.
A review of the 12 step program in concert with trauma is necessary.