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Tanya Haley

Question #1:
Trauma informed approaches are a more recent approach to the organization that I work for. Efforts are being made to train and educate staff because of current employee’s efforts to bring awareness to mental health and trauma informed care. Currently there are no procedures and policies in place that support TIC within the organization, but we are making strides to get there.

Question #2:
I feel I Understand the difference among various kinds of abuse and trauma, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; domestic violence; experiences of war for both combat veterans and survivors of war; natural disasters; and community violence, but also feel that continuing education will be essential in maintaining my understanding.

Question #3:
Larry’s approach was confrontational and not in line with TIC. Given the clients past exposure to trauma and the fact that she was uncomfortable sharing in a group which was mainly dominated by men. Larry should have engaged her in a supportive conversation to give her the opportunity to express her concerns or engage in further discussion on how she can remain in the program that might include an environment that is more supportive of her past trauma. Larry also could have taken a step back and consulted with a coworker or supervisor prior to engaging in a confrontation with the client to elicit other ways to engage this client.