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James Skelton

The program I work at allows the clients to inform and guide their treatment goals and plans. We help them feel empowered to make their own decisions which increases their self-efficacy and resiliency. We practice MI so that the clinicians aren’t pathologizing or shaming clients for their behaviors, but using TIC helps the clients become more open and vulnerable about their struggles, therefore leading to a better outcome of change and healing.
Again, my program practices self-determination within the treatment planning and goal setting. Even though we are 12 step based, we encourage the clients to find a community-based resource that they most identify with and feel comfortable in. Even if that isn’t a recovery specific community, it could also be a yoga, meditation, or activity group.
Larry was not aligned with TIC because he used his own experience as an intervention. He did not share as a means of relating. Larry also ignored the client’s history of trauma. Larry ignored the client’s expressions of what his needs were and was making decisions not aligned with the client’s wishes. Larry’s supervisor was right to encourage him to seek more training in TIC and to not project his own life experience onto his clients.