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Jamie Williams

Question 1: It was heartbreaking to watch Christina’s story and see that not only did her family fail her but the health system did as well. Instead of providing treatment for the problem they provided treatment for the symptoms. Christina was not heard but instead was punished for what had happened to her. Christina went to counseling on her own and was able to eventually get sober and complete college. If I was Christina’s counselor I would first encourage her to establish personal and social connections to help her feel a connection to something bigger, loving and healing. Helping her to become spiritually led instead of people reliant in times when people may not be available. Establish a daily routine with her so she had structure and meaning/ purpose of her day/life. And encourage the client to take action towards the life she dreams to have.

Question 2: Adverse childhood effects calculator, because it gives a broad understanding of how someone grew up and what type of support they had during childhood. Our childhood experiences condition us in how we behave in the world. The other would be the Brief trauma questionnaire. To get a starting point of understanding the level of trauma a person has experienced.

Question 3: I would establish safety and trust. Then start to normalizing Selena’s symptoms. Helping her to understand that the ways she copes daily ( ie. Playing games as late she she can to lose track of time , leaving the tv on at night so she does not fall too soundly asleep) are the ways in which she has learned how to survive while minimizing reliving her experience through nightmares. Then develop a plan with her on how to work through her triggers and her nightmares.