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Russell Kohrs

Q !, My general reactions to Christina’s story? Admiration for her resiliency, the actions she has already taken, she recognizes her early childhood strengths, she sounds authentic with her acceptance, taking her recovery into her own hands, very powerful action, continuing her education, not using alcohol, self advocacy, finding her voice, encouraging others to find their voice. If I were Christina’s counselor, I would continue to reaffirm her self advocacy and help her to continue to remember how far she has come, remind her to continue to explore avenues to help others, as helping others is the best reward, discuss spirituality in the post traumatic growth category, the spiritual journey.

Q 2, We have been using the ACE’S calculator, I have experienced positive results, I think it helps to normalize the symptoms that result, I am curious working with men how comfortable they are with answering question 3, at times I am concerned with the consumers I work with calculating the benefits of having a high score. Consumers identifying a shorter life expectancy has concerned me in the retraumatizing potential. increasing relapse motivation.

Q 3, Addressing sleep with Selena appears to be the first concern after establishing safety and preventing re- traumatization. Discussing her sleep routine, suggesting a less interactive night time activity. determine if she has consulted her PCP, Teaching balance, asking her to consider finding a peer support group. Model mindfulness and breathing techniques.