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Joseph Hayward

1)I signed up for this course to educate myself about Trauma Informed Care. As a substance abuse counselor I have “known” for years that trauma and substance use are connected and have always believed that best practice would lend itself to simultaneous care within a single system. Offering integrated treatment is in my view best practice. So while we offer cross section collaboration at our place of businesses well as engagement and involvement with people in recovery there are times when I must out-source trauma work as I am not qualified. Having policies in place and licensed supervisors to take on these cases is something we as an organization strives to put in place as well as retaining staff to manage TIC.
2)I believe my inclination and strength is developing therapeutic alliances. Creating a safe place, establishing rapport and fostering trust seem paramount to me for the welfare of a client presenting trauma history. I also believe that awareness of and a commitment to self care practice in the hopes of lessening STS in clients is something I really could practice more and commit to.
3)It appears that Larry didn’t familiarize himself with the young lady in question. Nor did he roll with resistance or incorporate any motivational interview strategies. AA is a program of attraction not promotion, Larry resorted to his own experience basically ignoring her claims and dissatisfaction with an “all” men AA meeting. Larry’s supervisor made an effort to at least provide Larry with some remedial training in the hope that he will meet clients where they are at and not impose his beliefs, his prior experience on other clients.