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Tanya Haley

Question #1: Christina’s story was a bit disturbing in the way she was treated at such a young age. It was also disturbing that the doctors wanted to medicate her and put her in a facility. That part of the story, I just do not understand. But one thing that stood out to me was her resilience at a young age and the fact that the mother (while not believing her) was still present enough to know that what was being done was not sufficient or aiding in her daughter’s care. Christina had the inner resilience (not sure where this came from) that propelled her to seek out answers and change. She some how knew that she needed help and sought help. She continued to strive to be better than her diagnosis, going to school and getting her degree.
Connecting her to resources-finding therapist. Taking action-which she did when she began searching the internet for answers. She was taking an active role in her recovery. Peer support-attending groups of those who have had similar experiences

Question #2: Two tools that could be helpful in my practice would be the ACE inventory and PTSD inventory. Pros to using these tools would be to enlighten the practitioner on some potential trauma that might be impacting the client current physiological or psychological symptoms. Some cons to using these tools is the potential to uncover some past traumas that the client may not be ready to process. So it is a balance on learning when the appropriate time and situation to use would be.

Question #3: First and foremost, one must establish safety. Establishing that you are safe with you and in the environment. Work to avoid re-traumatization and normalize her feelings. Then work on establishing some healthy sleep habits through empowering her.