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Alan Algee

Able to talk about it with apparent ease and objectively. Good command of language. Researches her options for recovery and then engages after she choses a recovery option. Strong philosophical values. Able to develop a vision for herself. Puts accomplishments on the record which is positive and self-inspiring. Realizes that an internal locus of control is very powerful when in recovery.

Pros: thorough, fidelity to DSM 5, could foster talk for follow through
Cons: of the 17 questions, it might take only one event to cause the PTSD but the client may feel that 1/17 might not mean very much, it’s hard to gauge the severity of an event, just because it “happened” or was “witnessed” does not mean much diagnostically

Adverse Childhood Effects Calculator
Pros: I like the fact that this narrows down to a phase of life; ACEs are very serious and this assessment is important to understanding who we might be
Cons: like most instruments, this might feel invasive; should be used judicially and skillfully—not routinely

Establish Safety: ask her to try to recognize “in the moment” safety (assuming that, in fact, she is in a safe place).

Address Sleep Disturbances; this would be critical. We would explore all available resources to try to get good sleep (there’s lots out there; sleep study?)

Support Empowerment; she already is working on her recovery so we would build on her current strengths and coping strategies while on the hunt for others that she may find helpful