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Ellen LCSW

Question 4: OOPS! Forgot this one! One of the most striking insights I gained in taking this course is how many Trauma Specific treatment options there are, and how few of them I was already aware of. I also learned that my own approach is something of a hybrid, in that it is strongest on CBT and Mindfulness Interventions and is not one of the “manualized” treatment programs but rather an eclectic mix of some of these and other approaches. Although I am always aware of substance use as a possible aspect of a client’s treatment needs, literally none of my clients are coming to me for co-occurring disorders at this time. Or rather, their co-occurring disorders are trauma and mental health issues without substance substance abuse.
As I mentioned in an earlier Homework Exercise, I wanted to improve my Cultural Competency, and this last segment gave me a couple of new ideas to implement with clients (such as consulting the family/community to improve awareness and educate myself, and most importantly to ask questions right up front out of genuine interest and acknowledging that the client herself is the expert on her own life).