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Jason Antkies

Question 1
My first order of business would be to work on creating a safe space so that Jacinta could begin to assimilate and acclimate to the program. I would use Motivational Interviewing so she can feel heard and validated in a non-judgmental way. I would focus on grounding techniques so she can develop skills to feel present in her current situation. I think she would benefit from joining the women seeking safety group. Since her trauma is primarily with males, being in a majority male group could be triggering her PTSD. I would also educate myself about Susto, talk to her about this and collaborate with her family to appropriately support her with Susto.

Question 2
I would look to educate myself about Susto. I would discuss this with Jacinta in a caring, supportive, non-judgmental way so that she felt safe and comfortable to explore this. Utilizing a MI approach I would listen compassionately that this is her truth. I would look for what her dream is and identify this with her duality of Susto. I would hold this space for her so she can decide what she would want to do.

Question 3
I would refer her to the in-agency seeking safety group. Because we offer a trauma-specific treatment that is female-oriented it would seem like the most appropriate referral for her specific needs.

Question 4
This training was very helpful. It is gratifying to know that I am already practicing a lot of components of TIC. I plan to continue to look at people through a lens of what has happened to them instead of why are they doing this. I will continue to be a kind, compassionate, empathetic listener, and holding space for people by remaining neutral. I hope to be able to role model this to clients and other staff members.