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Kellie Westberry

Answer to Question 1
Since Jacinta’s trauma is primarily with males, my first course of action would be to find away to transfer her out of the male dominated group and into a female group to minimize and/or eliminate any re-traumatization. I would create a safe, non judgemental space that would allow Jacinta to adjust to the program and address her specific needs. I would educate myself on Susto and Jacinta’s culture. I would listen to Jacinta’s story, validate her thoughts, feelings and experience. I would help her develop a safety plan and teach her basic coping skills that she can build upon while in therapy, such as grounding and mindfulness. I would also talk to her and her family about natural supports in and around Jacinta’s community to incorporate into her aftercare plan.

Answer to Question 2
I would first educate myself about Susto and discuss with Jacinta her understanding and belief around Susto. I would approach this in a supportive, non-judgemental manner to promote a safe space for Jacinta to share her thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Answer to Question 3
I would refer Jacinta to the Seeking Safety (For Women’s) group within the agency to prevent any further delay in her treatment and limit the stressors associated with finding and obtaining another provider.

Answer to Question 4
I have learned a great deal from this course and appreciate the information and tools offered. It has allowed me to identify some areas I wish to explore and improve on as a clinician. Thank you.