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Russell Kohrs

Q. 1, My first area of concern would be her physical health, try to determine if the symptoms anorexia, insomnia, diarrhea, have been addressed by her Dr. Her symptoms listlessness, despondency, sadness, lack of motivation, present concern of SI, SIB. Was this assessment incomplete? Establishing a level of safety for her comfort and the safety of offering her treatment, Motivational interviewing so that Jacinta feels heard, Mindfulness intervention to determine her understanding and ability to move forward, grounding techniques and breathing techniques to help her self regulate if possible. moving her to a Women’s seeking bring her into direct contact with her peers.

Q, 2, Susto appears to be an accurate description of Jacinta’s symptoms, the counselors comment, ” appears to be off in her own world,” is another description of Susto. With her Parents awareness of Susto, do they have an possible cultural therapeutic interventions? Does Susto presume a disconnect from the soul permanently? Learning about this Guatemala Dx could be very useful in overall understanding and trying to help her understand her Tx plan options.

Q.3. I would ask Jacinta directly if she was comfortable with a Seeking Safety group or program in this agency? Is she comfortable with coming out of one group and placed in another or would that cause her to feel further traumatized? My rationale would be patient centered care. does she feel safe and comfortable with the change?

Q.4, I appreciate the challenges this course present, further understanding of the scope pf TIC in treatment How much there is to learn. The deep dive into the language of the course material, the overall raising awareness into the many aspects of trauma, re-traumatized and treatment. The insights I carry forward is how prevalent this topic is, how to bring consistency into trauma-informed care. Practicing present moment with this challenge, continuing to increase self-awareness within the work, trying to bring the best results possible with people who suffer from trauma-related mental and substance use disorders. I remain a work in progress in this regard. Thank you.