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Jamie Williams

Question 1: I would first advocate to move Jacinta out of the male dominated group and into the women’s seeking safety group, given the circumstances of her trauma. Finding ways to help Jacinta feel safe while also educating myself on her culture and beliefs. Utilizing motivational interviewing to help understand what Jacinta wants to get out of treatment will help to determine what area is the primary focus initially (substance use or PTSD).

Question 2: I would first explore Susto with Jacinta. Gather an understanding of her perception and how it impacts her life. Also find out more about if other family member’s in Jacinta’s life have experienced this and what their outcomes were. I would then doing my own research and possibly reach out to community members or other professionals with experience working with this population. Understanding my limited knowledge is part of helping Jacinta.

Question 3: I would refer Jacinta to seeking safety within the agency. Keeping her with the same professionals allows for less barriers and better communication between providers.

Question 4: This course has been eye opening. It has driven home the fact that clients know themselves best and their story is true to them. It helps me to remember that it’s a collaborative approach and their treatment is what they want not what I feel is best for them.