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Janice Black

Question 1
So many needs come to mind immediately. Clearly, one needs to be culturally competent…learning about and respecting the notion of Susto is imperative. I would also want to make sure she is willing and ready to start treatment…how fearful, ambivilant or distrustful is she of the therapeutic process? Teaching her some basic skills like grounding would be at the top of my a way of initially leaning some control over her thoughts and breathing. Looking for a more appropriate group (when she is ready) where she isn’t presented with men who she my view as oppressors or perpetrators. I would also be curious about her physical health and well being as well.

Question 2
Clearly it is critical to have an understanding of Susto…from both a personal, familial and/or community perspective as well as a larger more anthropological perspective. I would immediately view her as the expert asking her to help me understand the custom and belief from her perspective. I’d be curious about her understanding of how it is perceived here in this dominant culture.

Question 3
Assuming she is ready for group work, a referral to an in agency trauma informed treatment program for women should be explored. This would remove the potential for re-traumatizing her dealing with men, eliminate (hopefully) having to change therapists and a relocation/change and provide her with evidence based treatment.

Question 4
I have surprisingly!!!! enjoyed both the content of this course and the process!! I believe I have most of the salient qualities and beliefs necessary in establishing a TIC practice. However, it was nice to have this affirmed. I do believe I have a sharper ‘trauma’ lens in which I now view the folks I work with. I have found myself viewing trauma treatment videos on You Tube a few times during those middle of the night awakenings!! The material was beautifully arranged…I really liked to links to further information. I was surprised to learn of so many other programs and treatment protocols. I struggled with the technology..a couple of times completely losing everything I had written. I really thought online learning wasn’t for me but…surprise!!! Thanks so much, Pat. Well done…would really like to have printed this out but couldn’t figure out how to.