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Tanya Haley

Question #1: Jacinta may benefit from focusing on engagement strategies. She is ambivalent treatment and exploring avenues to help her become more empowered in her own health care may help her move through the process and take ownership. She also would benefit from strategies that focus on traumatic memories and their tie into her current substance use disorder and behaviors.

Question #2: As her counselor, I would elicit a sense of collaboration by allowing her to explain what she means by Susto and what that means to her. Ask her if she knows of any family members or friends who have experiences Susto and what might they have done to help them.

Question #3: Since she is a of Seeking Safety. She might benefit from the ATRIUM model. This 12-week program may help her to address and learn new coping strategies to deal with stress. We would refer Jacinta to this program as we are not equipped to handle this level of trauma and would want to make sure she is in the best care.

Question #4: This course brought forward many concepts that I had already had knowledge on. The information that may be most useful in our practice relates to making your practice TIC. Establishing procedures and provide tools and resources to staff. This course was also a reminder that trauma effect people in many ways a treating trauma is a very individualized approach. What is good for one client, may not be good for another.