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Danielle Cimino

1: I would first look into boundary issues and client engagement. Boundaries, in the sense that the program will need to look at what her boundaries are and then ensure they are respected. Given her traumatic hx with males, a male dominated group may not be the best setting for her and alternative options should be explored so that she feels safe and able to engage. Her engagement would be concerning as well, it would be important for her clinician to review triggers that could dysregulate her during sessions (group and individual) in order to minimize traumatization as much as possible.

2: To start I would seek out consultation with someone who was more aligned with the culture and would be able to teach me pertinent information about Susto. From there, I would want to collaborate with both the consultant and the client in order to ensure that I am not doing any harm to the culture/ideologies/beliefs during treatment. From there using treatment modalities that align with Susto and its symptoms as the relate to PTSD would likely be the most respectful option.

3: I believe that the seeking safety group would be an appropriate referral for her. Should information come up once she is involved that she needs something different at that time a new referral could be made. Given that this would be a women’s group it would likely be a good place to start in order to observe her engagement.

4: Two of my biggest takeaways from this course are the impacts that trauma can have from a cultural aspect, in addition to the weight of the role staff can play in re-traumatization/screening. The cultural piece reminded me that if there is something unfamiliar to myself or my team we need to seek consultation not only to educate ourselves but also to ensure that we are no retraumatizing the client, or being disrespectful to their ideologies and beliefs. When it comes to screening, early screening is important and that is something that can get lost in translation during an admission. Continuing to remain consistent with all clients screening will be helpful for both clients and the program as a whole.