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Adalgisa Holtrop

1- During the counting meditation my mind definitely wandering into wanting to get things done, move to the next task, how much time still left… type of thoughts. I noticed my body tense but slowly relaxing and slowly my mind also started to settle and enjoying the moment of stillness. I found effective way to calm mind because the combination of breath and counting was a gentle way to relax and bring focus to here and now.
2- The basic meditation (I followed the female voice link) allowed me to have more awareness of different parts of my body, my mind was focusing on the sensations of the body and possible causes, my calf was tense and my mind was thinking, oh too much sitting, I need to stretch my body more…I can see that as you practice with more regularity you can start seeing patterns of your mind.
3- My experience with both meditations were similar but with subtle differences. The counting one allowed more the mind to have a more focused point counting, which can be helpful when our minds are all over the place giving us a reference, harbor to come back with the mind. The basic meditation also gave the same reference but for me I focused more into the body and the sensations. The reference on both were the breath, but with differences on the focus.
At this moment I think I should stick to my own practice because then I can be more present and calm to my clients. I can see down the road that it can be a centering beginning of a session, teaching this meditation to clients can be a tool for them to develop a practice on their own, so their minds and bodies can become more resilient over time.