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Jane Thurston

During the counting meditation I became aware quickly of the silence and peace I felt. I felt gentle with myself. I felt a feeling of open space around me and was able to pay closer attention to these sensations. While my mind wandered I was surprised by how effortless I was able to re-focus and bring myself back to the place of openness and peace. An experience I felt as a result of the counting meditation was acceptance. In the basic meditation where I followed the female voice my experience s has similarities and differences. I felt peaceful and was able to give the exercise my attention. I could focus more on her voice and then focus on the feelings and sensations. I felt distracted by focusing on parts of my body because the feeling wasn’t always pleasant and I had to move my mind and attention gently away for these sensations. I found that by keeping my hands relaxed and apart, not touching I could concentrate better on the overall experience.
I work with counting meditation in my practice most often and find it helps me to focus on them better and for the clients to take a little time to feel sensations of peace and distract away form whatever is distressing for them.