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Kelly West


Concentration Meditation Observations:

I found the pointers on posture on the link ( very helpful. When I have meditated/practiced mindfulness in the past posture has been a distraction for me; the pointers were very helpful to find a more comfortable and less distracting position for me. Some things that I noticed were that it was hard to “settle in” until the person guiding started the counting portion of the practice, then I felt more focused and calmer, I found that when he asked us to “let go” of the counting I was at 7 and I didn’t want to stop until I got to 10. I am a novice at this, and I found this particular practice very useful to help calm the noise in my head and body which is something that I struggle with.

Mindfulness Meditation Observations:

I found this meditation practice to be more exercise for my mind, if that makes sense. The practice of bringing your attention back from wandering almost felt like doing repetitions of an exercise you might do for your body. Since I had done the concentration meditation just before this one I wondered when I was done how it would have gone had I done this one without the other one previous. I will try it on another day. For me this meditation seemed to bring awareness to the wandering of my mind and how I generally do not notice the wandering in my everyday tasks; makes me think about how many things my mind may be doing while I am physically doing something else.

Both of these could be useful in practice with clients. I think there is self-reflection and learning to be had in each one as well as the benefit of facilitating and practicing a calmness of mind and thought through differing avenues. If I were my own client, I may ask myself to reflect on how not being able to “let go” of the counting in the concentration meditation plays out in other ways of my life or how does my mind and body not being in the same place play out for me in work, relationships etc.