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1. I seemed to drift less in the counting meditation. I felt better focused on the calm if that makes sense. The counting seemed to keep me on track especially as I counted for a while and got more used to it and my body relaxed. I am somewhat fearful of meditative practices being a Christian so I felt more control in the counting and able to stop if I wanted to. This may be a barrier to this class for me but I will attempt to utilize the skills. I am not sure it helped me to be more aware of the habits of my mind, perhaps because I didn’t do it longer. I would think repetition of this exercise would bring about a better analysis as starting anything new is a bit disconcerting as you are a “rookie” for sure!
2. I liked the female voice link (Univ. of Vt was it) better as it appeared less religious and I found I relaxed more into it. Ironically, even though it is short, I started to drift off and was awakened by the bell!!..
3 i think that the first exercise would be more useful to focus on a task and I felt my mind was more directed to the task ,probably due to the counting. I felt that In was holding on a little bit more than with exercise 2. I felt exercise 2 was one that allowed me to let go more and not focus as much. perhaps this is why i drifted towards a sleep state. Both were relaxing but I felt the second was better for me in that regard. I think that both could be useful adjuncts to trauma work and/or SU. I am curious what the effects would be for those with ADHD that seem to never be able to stop and smell the roses. the type of people when you talk about just sitting at the beach and being present and doing nothing look at you and say “i could never just sit and do nothing.” “How’s that working for you”? lol. That’s why this is helpful for them. Its usefulness for anxiety related treatments seems obvious.