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Homework Questions
Question 1

During my experience of guided breathing, I noticed my body began to relax. My shoulders and hands were the last to release tension. My mind was not able to wonder as much as it typically does as I focused on counting and breathing in and out deeply. I used to be skeptical about meditation due to having a difficult time relaxing and have since realized that the more I practice the better I become.
Question 2

While the Basic Mindfulness Meditation brought my physical self into a relaxed state, I feel the counting in the first exercise helpful for myself to remain focused. My mind wondered a bit more, with paying attention to my physical self, however, I was able to refocus quickly and by the end that focus was entirely on my breath. I would say this technique is also effective and in time and with practice it would bring about heightened mindfulness.
Question 3

As noted in each answer 1 and 2, I was able to have better focus when counting as it kept my mind busy on one thing. I have practiced various forms in the past; unfortunately, I have not been consistent with practicing and why I did this course; to incorporate this in my daily life and then with work with clients. Both techniques were effective in their own ways, and I could see how I would need to help my clients find which technique best works for them.