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Kelly West

Reaction to Body Scan:

As the guide went to different parts of the body, I noticed that I reflexively wanted to move or adjust that part of my body so I really had to focus on not “fixing” or trying to make something better but just noticing without judgement. I found it relaxing, not sure if this was just the act of lying down and doing nothing or if focusing on sensation was what helped relax me. I also noticed that when the practice started, I had trouble noticing sensation but this improved as it went along; ie I noted more sensation towards the end than at the beginning. I did find that the voice of the person guiding was very fast and that bothered me a bit.

Reaction to Focusing on a Single Object:
I liked that this practice gave a point of focus. It was outside of your body and mind but still had the effect of grounding and quieting my mind. I felt that this practice helped maintain my focus and concentration longer and I got really curious about the object I was focusing on. My mind really did not wander during this exercise. I wished I had done this practice without the voice guiding because every thing that he said I then noticed and I felt this got in the way of my own focused attention.

The Focusing on a Single Object practice seems like it could be something that is easily adapted to being used in a time of specific need for a client; ie if they are having a difficult moment it would be realistic to think that a person could take a few minutes and focus on an object to help ground themselves in the present. I like that in that way it could be a tool someone could take and use immediately.
For connecting mind and body and to develop clarity around feelings and sensations I think the body scan would be useful. I have done body scan exercises before and I feel that they sometimes help to bring focus to feelings/sensations which then can lead to more clarity around needs.