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Joye Jewell-Hill

1. Question 1: I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to lay down during day time hours and give myself permission to relax my body and meditate. I have noted that providing time and space in order to perform meditation activities requires giving myself permission and encouraging myself to put this activity on the top of the to do list. I utilized the online resources to guide the meditation. I found this to be helpful and worked better than relying upon myself to perform the exercise independently. Once I had settled down I was able to perform the meditation activity in it’s entirety. I noted that I was experiencing tension in my cervical spine, shoulders, hands and feet. As the meditation activity continued, I was gradually able to relax each area of tension for a short amount of time. I found this exercise required more practice and opportunity to set aside time on a daily basis to provide benefit.
2. Question 2: I chose a oval shaped painted rock for this activity. I found this exercise easier to engage with and complete. I was able to utilize the online resource to help with the exercise and it was beneficial. I was able to repeat the activity the following day and experienced a feeling of calm and peace. I found this exercise was especially beneficial on a busy day. It was helpful to give myself permission to sit in a quiet space with the painted rock for 5mins and relax. The rest of the workday proceeded with less feelings of tension, irritability and feeling overwelmed by multiple work demands.
3. The Lying Down/Body Scan mediation could be practiced in a session in person or online. The written information and script could be sent to the client or given to the client in person so that the resource is available for review and the ability to complete independently. The online audio resources link could also be shared with the client. The focusing on a single object exercise would be easier to teach and the client could practice and utilize the activity in a variety of settings. The activity does not require any special tools or monetary investment.