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thomas barrett

1. As the exercise began it was a relief lying down knowing I was going to relax.
Focusing on my breath was easy and comfortable. I could feel the cool . I mediately noticed a pain in my left foot and focused my breathing on the foot and the pain slowly dissipated . As I moved through my body I listened for sensations in each area and was surprised to find different feelings. I would then focus my breathing on that sensation . It was very calming and I found my mind did not wander much and when it did it was easy to gently refocus. It felf like a smooth comfortable transition . I t was a very smooth comfortable journey that I found easy to maintain my focus.

2. This was similar to last weeks exercise . I felt anxiety when deciding which object I was going to choose. Once I chose the object it was very relaxing looking at the object and I was surprised how my mind explored so many different avenues when looking at it. Again it was difficult once I held the object as I felt anxiety in deciding how it should be explored. As with last week when my mind wandered I felt like it was a jerking motion to bring it back to focus. It was much more structured and felt like it took my experience away from me unlike the other one which left me within my mind and body.

3.I would use number one, lying down with people who are stressed and have trouble focusing in session. I would also use it with patients who are very excited about something going on and cannot stay focused. It is a gentle exercise and allows the patient to free wheel within their minds and body and to gently allow them to focus.
I would use number 2 in working with people dealing with urges. To be able to take the urge and instead of trying to run away to examine the urge closely and recognize it as an object and not a fact. This would be used with people trying to abstain from substances of in the contemplation stage of change.