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Question 1

I noticed my body began to relax as I did the scan. Tension in my shoulders was noticeable and I moved to the next area simply experiencing the tension. I liked this experience for myself as I found it relaxing and effective. It brought me in the present moment. I am not certain lying down would be something my clients would be willing to experience in the office, as the space is small. I would say; however, this would be effective if the atmosphere allowed for lying down and the person experiencing the body scan meditation felt comfortable doing so.

Question 2

This exercise was a great way to bring my attention into the moment. Focusing on a heart shaped rock as my visual aid. I noticed I would have to bring my attention back in as it drifted. This was done in a fluid manner, and not abrupt leaving me feeling calm when I transitioned back into the present moment. Feeling the rock allowed me to notice the sensation in my hand of the smoothness. I would use this technique for myself to be mindful, as well as using this in practice as I have many clients who would benefit from having a focal point. I believe this practice would strengthen their ability to focus attention.

Question 3

As I mentioned above, I believe this is an effective experience. However, the office space that I use would not comfortably allow for a client to lye on the floor. I would certainly teach them the strategy to try in their home environment. I would certainly use the single object experience with clients, especially those who have symptoms of PTSD and anxiety. This would help them to bring themselves into the present moment having focus on the hear-and-now.