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Question 1

This exercise was new for me. I have not done this type of meditation before and noticed I was, in the end, able to soften my belly and feel more relaxed. At the same time, I was fixated on my belly feeling soft, noticing the extra ‘fluff’ that I want to lose. I was able to bring my attention back to relaxing and on my breaths. To be honest, the smacking of the narrator’s lips and mouth distracted me. I tried closing my eyes and remaining focused on my breaths and not so much on the lips/mouth smacking. I then tried the exercise without the guide and did better focusing on relaxing my stomach. This is a mediation that will enhance acceptance of feelings and sensations after practice.

Question 2

I enjoyed this exercise and find it very useful when practicing person-centered work with clients. When focusing on the phrase “May I accept myself completely as I am right now” the feeling of acceptance was felt and brought better focus to ‘feeling the words’ while saying them. I would use the technique myself and on clients, evaluating the effectiveness through feedback from clients explaining their ability to be in the moment and over time, improve self-efficacy.

Question 3

I can envision adapting and integrating the Soft Belly Meditation an acceptance exercise into clinical work with clients, in particularly those with substance addictions. One client, in particularly is in early stages of recovery. She is learning to manage anxiety, while also dealing with life’s issues. These practices will help my client focus in on herself, reducing anxiety and learning how to be in the moment. Often, her anxiety is felt in her belly and if she can learn how to relax her body, especially her belly this will have a positive effect on her physical self.