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Jane Thurston

1. I felt wonderfully relaxed. I noticed feelings of tightness in my shoulder and tightness in my stomach. This meditation is perfect for its simplicity while allowing for gentle self-empathy and (sorry for this strong feeling) feelings of the lightness of being. I was able to get closer to acceptance while feeling at times resistance. It is a great exercise to use for myself and for my clients.
2. In addition to the physical feelings addressed in question 1, I felt my face and my mind soften considerable. I felt warmth and peace. At first I thought about being given permission to accept myself from you Patricia and then gently moved to not having this need. I felt some resistance but again was able to be gently with myself and move away for these thoughts and feelings. I found this exercise to be a soothing way to begin letting go of resistance and moving into being okay with myself. This is again a wonderful exercise to use with my clients.
3. After I can be closer to my own self-acceptance, I envision using both exercises to help clients in many ways: when clients are stuck, when they don’t understand their thoughts and feelings or where to begin searching for the “why’s of their choices and to address shame and self-loathing among a few of the experiences my clients suffer from. The art of meditation is a gentle way for clients to listen to themselves in peace and within the quiet they can experience in the moment.