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Adalgisa Holtrop

Soft Belly exercise
I noticed a tension in my belly, my breath was more on my upper lungs and not really expanding into my belly. Intentionally I went into my belly with just gentleness and stated to soften and expand and just allowing my breath to go further and almost massage my whole gut area. It brought me more focus and a loving approach to my body/myself. I think this exercise can be very helpful to clients to come back to present moment and not let their thoughts and feelings to wander and arouse their nervous system. I is a powerful exercise to being self-regulation.

Acceptance exercise

When repeating the phrase “May I accept myself completely as I am right now” I found to bring a sense of belonging and relaxation. I did not need to fix anything, there was nothing to be done, but just accepting. There was a sense of loving towards self that increased my internal safety. I think acceptance can be crucial for all of us. I believe many of us struggle to fully accept ourselves and love ourselves with kindness. This exercise done regularly can enforce this internal safety and therefore bring a sense of relaxation, calmness and effectiveness in the world.


I believe, that like mentioned by Germer, that is important to adapt and make it possible for the clients to relate to these exercises in meaningful ways. I intend to pay attention when and how I can suggest these exercises when it makes sense for the client. I intend to, when appropriate, suggest within session that we pause, observe the body/breathing and come back to the present moment. We then proceed to debrief with lens of fully acceptance of what their bodies were experiencing, what their feelings of the experience and understanding what the thought process around this experience was about. This non-judgmental and accepting conversation can assist clients to increase their ability to accept their present moment and understand their feelings and thoughts. These exercises carry an incredible power of transformation and self-regulation. These exercises are accessible and when adapted to clients world can be something readily available for them.