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Dorothy Muncey

Question 1
Soft belly exercise was great because it allows you to focus on the beath.
The focus on the breath and the belly allows for a place to focus for beginners. Breathing in through the nose and out the mouth is not natural for most people unless they do yoga or palates. We do not breathe deeply enough, and the guided meditation focuses on the how and why. Easy to follow allowing you to relax and focus on self.

Question 2
This exercise also was very easy to follow, and the repeat of the phrase was helpful. I feel I forget to breathe if it is not repeated, and the phase repeated keeps focus. I also did like the guide that says, “this is an invitation” This is a choice for the participant and myself to open up to relax. This would be easy for beginners to focus on themselves be less judgmental and allow for change.

Question 3
In my work with Substance Use clients, we start every morning with a Mindfulness meditation. (I am thankful for this class as it has confirmed to me what I have been doing is what is being taught…a nice review) I feel it is a great way to start the day. I have noticed in the beginning all areas were difficult and breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth made new participants ‘dizzy’ but after a few days becomes normal and focus is extended. Having options to focus on is important to mix up the mindfulness exercise and participants can take turns leading and feel empowered.