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Joye Jewell-Hill

1. Urge Surfing Exercise: My inclination when performing this exercise is to rearrange the body to avoid discomfort. I experienced difficulty in wanting to reduce discomfort immediately. I noted that I was initially feeling restless, irritable, annoyed, impatient with myself during the exercise. Slowly, I noted that I was able to sit still for longer periods and experienced less judgment about whether the urge I was experiencing was positive or negative. The exercise requires daily practice in order for it to be effective in controlling urge sensations. It would be a beneficial exercise to introduce to clients who are dealing with substance use disorder behaviors. It is practical and portable for clients to practice independently.
2. Guided Loving Kindness meditation: I chose this mindfulness practice in honor of Valentines Day. I wanted to send a positive message from the heart to a loved one, an acquaintance, a stranger and to all beings throughout the world. I had the most difficult time sending this message to myself. It was much easier to sit calmly and send a positive message to others than self. I realized in the attempts to perform this activity that I am able to convey compassion and connection with others before doing it successfully for myself. This activity would be helpful in encouraging clients to relay a sense of connection and compassion with others outside of themselves. This may be especially helpful with clients involved with 12 Step programs who are making greater efforts to connect with others and make amends for past behavior.
3.I have appreciated the opportunity to review a variety of exercises and techniques in the practice of mindfulness. It has been a good overview regarding I am also appreciative that mindfulness requires a change in lifestyle and providing self with opportunities to practice mindfulness behaviors on a daily basis. I am also appreciative of the opportunity to spend time with clients and review some of these philosophies and techniques to encourage and improvement in the client’s mental, physical and spiritual health.