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Julia Foster

Question 1
I have noticed a pattern that when feeling stress or boredom I begin looking for snacks, even just yesterday while working on documentation I kept getting up to find something to eat and I certainly wasn’t hungry. I keep thinking of this part of the reading “unmet need and when it is an expression of addictive or risk behavior that wants to alleviate the discomfort as quickly as possible”. I wonder if using this during those moments in the office how it would benefit my time management and change my perception of the behavior. I am finishing this early in the morning as the week got away from me again but found that while doing this my “urge” was the nudge my snoring dog as it is a source of distraction but used the exercise to wait and focusing on the appreciation of something simple like my dog snoring as a sound or sign of relaxation. I notified a shift in my thinking. I often have had clients resist mindfulness in practice and have used this a lot with addiction work and will continue to do so by practicing in the office and following up to see if the skill was effective in “real time” for the client.
Question 2
I chose diffusion as that is a skill I often use in practice and often have mixed reception to it. Today I tried to use of imagery vs words and had a different experience. I find getting settled to do the activities can feel stressful and that creates some body sensations but as I move through the activities I feel better. I will continue to use mindfulness in my practice and find having more variety of skills will be helpful when working with variety of clients. I often lean into cbt as it is more comfortable and I have a core set of activities that seem to be well accepted and would like to get to the place of having mindfulness be more comfortable and “core” in practice.
Question 3
I just spoke to this a little but I think in order to be more comfortable utilizing skills in practice and teaching/guiding clients I need to be utilizing mindfulness more in my own life and routine. The balance of self care and work/life is so critical and some of the skills we reviewed are short enough that it would be easy to incorporate into a routine a few days a week even.
Thank you!