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thomas barrett

Question 1
As Sal tried to clarify the situation, he became increasingly defensive. He seemed frustrated at her interruptions and her not understanding the problem or listening. He started as frustrated and then became more oppositional to what she was saying.
His frustration then began to turn to anger and confrontation with the therapist. Clearly there was no collaboration between the two. It became obvious he no longer wanted to discuss this any further with the therapist.
In the second video the therapist allowed Sal to discuss his efforts to solve the problem. He responded by feeling validated and comfortable in the discussion. He was much more relaxed and confident in the discussion.
He responded by to her empowerment immediately. and was much more willing to discuss his ambivalence and discuss his ideas for a solution. He seemed eager to work with the therapist. It was clearly a collaborative between patient and therapis and not a contest.

Question 2.
A behavior I feel two ways about is nighttime eating. It lets me eat less before AI go to bed, it helps my sleep it seems , I eat less when I get up and I get to watch some tv.
On the negative side it is a behavior I want to stop, I fell like I have no control and this concerns me, it is probably not good for my digestive system and it can lead to weight gain .
MI allowed me as the patient to really define what my resistance was and to clearlt identify the reasons for ambivalence.
It helped me understand why I have not been able to stop in a much clearer way than the many people who have offered opinions and allows mt to formulate a plan. I liked the exercise much

Questions 3.

The persons target behaviors are addressing trauma in life, which they feel is the cause of all problems in their life being able to better manage their anger, increasing communication skills and better understand emotions. The behaviors I would like to focus on are drugs usage and how it affects all their goals, personality issues including narcissism and being highly judgmental.
My righting response would be getting them to understand how the drug usage needs to be addressed along with the other issues and understanding the real impact it is having on their life and not their imagined impact.
Mi will help me to be able to help focus on the client’s understanding their problem on their own terms instead of my telling them. Using MI I would work more about their strategy and what may impede the strategy and hopefully allow them to recognize the issues being caused by drugs and let them strategize the solution. I like the change in approach as it will help ne work around the anger that arises when the discussion of their drug comes up. Whch has been very difficult.