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Jennifer Mrozowski

Question 1
My take on the confrontational style of interviewing was a basic power struggle between two individuals. Both individuals demonstrated that neither one of them felt heard/understood. Both of these individuals displayed agitation as their conversation progressed. The conversation appeared to be circular with no focal point or true direction, just two people trying to communicate their values/beliefs.

Sal responded with verbal assertiveness and mild agitation as the conversation progressed. Sal attempts to clarify his desire to keep his dog as well as acknowledging that the pet hair/dander may play a role in triggering his asthma.

Sal was more verbal during this encounter, his tone of voice remained calm through the session.

Sal provided more information to the provider as he told his story and he continued to stay engaged and focused. Sal took in a deep breath and exhaled when the provider reflected his emotional state of feeling like all the changes he has already accomplished wasn’t good enough,

Sal was able to move closer toward some kind of action to improve the management of his asthma when the spirit of MI was utilized. Sal felt heard, understood, and confident enough to verbalize his true desire of keeping his dog who has been a part of his life longer than his wife as well as his desire to provide his son with a best friend while acknowledging that his dog may be a contributing factor to his asthma. Since the provider displayed and verbalized to Sal that he is in control of his own life and ultimately these decisions are up to him Sal was able to verbalize how bad his asthma would have to be for him to consider getting rid of his dog.
Question 2

1). I remain pessimistic so I won’t be disappointed

2). Being pessimistic allows me to plan for the worst

3). Pessimism keeps me safe

On the other hand regarding being pessimistic:

1). I desire a more fulfilling life

2). I would like a reason to get out of bed

3). I desire friends, a better job, and a life partner

Double-sided reflections:
1). On one hand you don’t want to get your hopes up just to be let down again and another part of you dreams of a more rewarding life

2). There is a part of you that finds comfort in always having a backup plan just in case things don’t go as planned and then there is another part of you that desires forward movement with a deeper purpose

3). One part of you values the pessimistic view of the world because it allows you to remain self-reliant. While another part of you wishes to be able to connect with others and have meaningful relationships

My general reaction to this exercise is I hope I did it correctly. As I was doing the double-sided reflections I saw the core needs of wanting to be loved or love another, desiring purpose, as well as the desire to be a part of a group.

Question 3
Consumer-generated target behaviors
1) Attend school
2) Reduce alcohol consumption
3) Reduce substance use

Provider-generated target behaviors
1) Gain a greater sense of self-worth/self-respect
2) Attend school 3 days out of 5
3) Stop alcohol consumption
4) Reduce marijuana use by ΒΌ of current use and stop other substance use

The consumers’ target behaviors are broad while the providers are specific. MI can be used to achieve the Provider-generated target behavior 1) Gain a greater sense of self-worth/self-respect by utilizing Affirmations

MI Agenda Setting strategy can be used to gain a better understanding of what the person we are serving values. Using MI allows people to be in charge of their own life, which can provide feelings of self-worth and empowerment.