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Rebecca Hanson

In my opinion, video one was difficult to get through. The provider is aggressive, close ended and using her beliefs and values. Sal responds aggressively and clearly displeased. Not a person centered approach. Video two demonstrated rapport, person centered approach and was inviting for Sal. He appeared invested and calm in an open and safe environment.

Question 2
I feel ambivalent about eating real and clean foods only.
One Side of the Ambivalence
A: “It is expensive to be completely organic and not use anything processed at all. ”
B: “I takes so much longer when everything is from scratch, even the dressing!”
C: “A lot of times I can’t find all of the ingredients because they are rare.”
The Other Side of the Ambivalence
A: “It’s extremely important to me that I am filling my family and myself with nutritious foods from our earth.”
B: “All those crazy, hard to read ingredients are carcinogens put into our bodies by us.”
C: “Health is really important to me. I have lost a lot of people to cancer”.
Double-Sided Reflection
“Becca, on the one hand it can get expensive to buy lots of fruits, veggies and fresh meats these days. Definitely understand how time consuming it could be to find all your ingredients and prepare everything from scratch. On the other hand, you are passionate about preparing clean, organic meals for you and your family. Real foods seem safer than Health is very important to you”

Question 3
Client Generated
Using less substances
Go for walks
Smoke only a half pack daily

Clinician generated
Refrain from any use/ abstinence
Establish a work out routine 3-5x weekly
Consider smoking cessation options to quit

Righting response: Don’t you want to try to quit smoking completely?
MI agenda: Smoking those few cigarettes that you allow is really important to you. Under what circumstances do you find them helpful?