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Laren Corrin

1. My general impression of the role plays was that there was something missing. Perhaps because they were role playing vs. an actual client. That being expressed, what threw me off in the first video was the counselor proceeded on as if there was a strong commitment, yet the words the client was using didn’t reflect that: ‘have to make a change at some point’ or later in the conversation ‘not drinking has to become the um goal’ seemed more in the activation stage with some resistance. The counselor seemed effective in using SOAR, by exploring the AA option, moving to the plan to ask the coworker at lunch about AA, and expressing commitment to his wife and follow up with a call once he’s done that. That section seemed effective, just for me it seemed to skip a step of building discrepancy to deal with resistance.
2. I would have used more reframing resistance or rolling with resistance early on when I heard the two previously mentioned comments about the need to change ‘at some point’ or ‘has to become the goal,’ as those suggested the client wasn’t ready to change yet, only to explore what changing might look like (though in the second video the client acted like the change decision was made for now vs. it being a future decision). I would have wanted to work more on building discrepancy. I would have used the same MI strategies for change planning. I might improve upon it by exploring more thoroughly the different options for change. Even though the client jumped on to the AA option without resistance and it seemed like a good fit, I would have liked to have seen a bit more exploration of inpatient, IOP, and outpatient options and more explicit consideration of how AA could be especially helpful supporting the client socially replacing time/events usually spent drinking with people.
3. I could see myself working with SMART – specific, meaningful, accessible, realistic, and timed goals – I could really get into exploring this with clients. I can also see myself working with SOAR through exploring what change would look like, steps to take, supports and obstacles. I would have a more difficult time using a scale of 1-10 with the client, though it may be more accurate for them to give a scale number than for me to try and read how they express commitment to a course of action. This question reflects the section we are on in envisioning how I might change my interactions with clients based on the new information/interview strategies MI has to offer.