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Liz Riddell

1) Honestly it was very hard to stay on task with the videos. To me it felt like the provider was the one making the suggestions and driving the “plan”. The provider did do a lot of reflection back to the client and asked some (not alot) of open ended questions. But I also feel he could have done more around just listening to the client. It felt more like the client was just going along with things even though some of the time he was making statements that would show a desire to change and begin the planning process, and committing to some step/actions. Overall, It made me feel like he would come back to the next session having to say ” well I didn’t do anything I said I would” He didn’t really seem like he was too into the AA idea and seemed ambivalent around that option. Clinician didn’t seem to address that.
2) I would ask a lot more open ended questions ( I don’t like closed ended questions as I feel they don’t give you enough information or real direction in a conversation) wanting the client to convey his thoughts and ideas/concepts/options for steps toward the client’s own goals. Questions specific to what options he has tried before, what (if anything) has been successful in the past. I would summarize a bit more frequently to be sure I am understanding of what the client is willing to commit to. Asking the client if I could provide some clinical information about treatment options.
3) my work is in intake with the agency I work for so I am in a gathering of information more than I am in an ongoing type of collaboration with clients. Need for change seems to fall under that, as I am asking about goals and resources needed and supports, and how our program can support them with their goals. I look for clarification alot, asking for more details and reflection and summarizing of what they have told me to be sure I understood correctly.